The Architectural League Prize

Formerly known as Young Architects’ Forum

The Architectural League Prize is an annual competition, lecture series, and exhibition organized by The Architectural League and its Young Architects and Designers Committee.

Open to designers ten years or less out of school, the competition draws entries from around North America. The winners’ lectures and installations provide a lively public forum for the discussion of their work and ideas.

Winners are chosen through a portfolio competition juried by distinguished architects, artists, and critics, including the Young Architects and Designers Committee. This committee, whose rotating membership consists of past League Prize honorees, is also responsible for selecting the year’s theme and jurors.

League Prize 1988: Hypotheses

Florian Aicher & Uwe Drepper
Stan Allen
Matthew Bialecki
Brett Boyd Steele
Carlos Jimenez
Cameron McNall
Anthony Pleskow

League Prize 1987: Bridges

Karen Bausman & Leslie Gill
Christopher Doyle
David Glover
Christopher Genik
Kem Gardner Hinton
Yann Andre Leroy
Kenneth Schwartz & Judith Kinnard
Michele Saee
Donna Seftel

League Prize 1986: Behind Closed Doors

Stefanie Bradie
Mike Cadwell
Neil Denari
David Gregor & Irene Keil
Tom Hanrahan & Victoria Meyers
David Hertz
Keith Hone
Eric Kahn & Russell Thompson of Studio Terminale
Sulan Kolatan & William MacDonald
Steven Lombardi
Taeg Nishimoto
Christopher Scholz, Kenneth Kaplan & Ted Krueger
Linda Trobaugh

League Prize 1985: Rough Drafts

Frederick Biehle
Dan Coma
Douglas Darden
Tom Grondona
Wes Jones & Peter Pfau
Ben Ledbetter
Richard Maxon
Taeg Nishimoto
Wellington Reiter
Mark Robbins
Frederick Schwartz
Joseph Walter
Mark West

League Prize 1984: Kindergarten Chats

Ross Anderson
Lawerence A. Chan & Alex Krieger
Neil Martin Denari
Alan Shope, Robert Reno, & Bernard Wharton
Cary Tamarkin & Timothy Techler
Billie Tsien
Anthony Tsirantonakis

League Prize 1983: Site, Scale, and Spectacle

Ben Benedict & Carl Pucci of Bumpzoid
David Chasco & Michael Andrejasich
Robert Dell Vuyosevich
James Evanson
Sophia A. Gruzdys & Jude LeBlanc
Ralph Johnson
Gavin Macrae-Gibson
Robert Orr & Melanie Taylor
Anthony Tsirantonakis
Wendy Tsuji
David Weingarten & Lucia Howard of Ace Architects
Peter Wheelwright
Sophia A. Gruzdys & Jude LeBlanc
Peter Wheelwright

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