The Architectural League of New York nurtures excellence in architecture, design, and urbanism, and stimulates thinking, debate, and action on the critical design and building issues of our time. As a vital, independent forum for architecture and its allied disciplines, the League helps create a more beautiful, vibrant, innovative, and sustainable future.

What we believe

We believe that all decisions about the physical world demand a deep sense of responsibility to the future. Creating spaces for human activity and settlement at all scales is a profoundly public commitment that draws on our shared resources and shapes our common destiny. This work demands that we act as wise stewards of the world we have inherited and bold investors in a better future. The settings of our lives must express our highest aspirations for a democratic and humane society, based on values of openness, pluralism, opportunity, and justice. We believe that a productive, inclusive, dynamic society depends on passionate commitment to pursuit of the common good, to freedom of expression, to creativity and imagination, to beauty, to knowledge, and to truth.

What we do

The Architectural League nurtures excellence in architecture, design and urbanism, and stimulates thinking and debate about the critical design and building issues of our time. League live events, digital media, publications, installations, and exhibitions present important work and ideas to inspire and help shape the path to a better future. The League encourages the development of talented younger architects and designers through competitions, commissions, and travel grants. In addition, the League creates opportunities to explore solutions to problems in the built environment, through design studies and commissioned work, and pursues important areas of inquiry to help support the contribution of architecture to the common good, through research and sustained attention to selected topics.

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Since its founding in 1881, The Architectural League has been defined by a voluntary spirit of association and education.


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The Architectural League depends on the help and goodwill of volunteers to carry out many of its programs.


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Jacob R. Moore Named Executive Director of the Architectural League of New York
Jacob R. Moore Named Executive Director of The Architectural League of New York
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