Young Architects 15: Range

The 15th in a series of books documenting the work of winners of the Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designers

Range is the fifteenth in an annual series of publications that feature work by the winners of The Architectural League’s annual competition for young architects and designers. The 2013 competition theme, “Range,” reflects the committee’s perception of young architects’ careers as explorations of “potential boundaries with practices that are radical, that search the edges of the discipline to find its limits.” The committee called for designers to express “the range [they] operate within and how that range reacts as [they] encounter perceived limits of the profession.” The winning work presented in Range explores the formal and methodological possibilities of “range” from large-scale landscapes to intricate objects in a new generation of young architects.

Work by Luis Callejas, Brandon Clifford and Wes McGee, Marc Fornes, Rafael Luna and Dongwoo Yim, Skylar J.E. Tibbits, and Bryan Young.