New City Critics

A fellowship program to empower new, fearless, and diverse voices to challenge the ways we understand, design, and develop our cities.

From Field to Form

An event series exploring the possibilities, life cycles, and architectural implications of plant- and earth-based materials.

I Would Prefer Not To

Why do architects turn down commissions? An interview series conceived and produced by MIT's Critical Broadcasting Lab, and presented in collaboration with The Architectural League, sheds light on an unexamined part of architectural practice.

Shifting Ground

An open call for visual reports capturing our changing relationship to public and private space in 2020 and 2021.

American Roundtable

An Architectural League initiative offering on-the-ground perspectives on the condition of small to mid-size American communities.


Design graduates in collective conversation in a time of crises.

Housing Initiatives

The Architectural League’s housing initiatives seek to explore why we are so stymied in our efforts to provide decent housing for everyone in our society. We present ideas and projects that address our multiple housing crises—of availability, cost, access, mismatched needs, and more.

The Housing System

A series of programs in spring 2019 on pressing issues at the intersection of design, policy, and politics in housing.

Equitable and Inclusive

Explore the League’s efforts to help create a more just, equitable, and inclusive professional culture.

All the Queens Houses

An exhibition showcasing architect and artist Rafael Herrin-Ferri’s ongoing photographic survey of the eclectic residential architecture of Queens.

Housing Brass Tacks

An informal discussion series designed as a primer on big ideas and essential mechanics in New York City housing policy and development.