Young Architects 17: Authenticity

The 17th in a series of books documenting the work of winners of the Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designers

Young Architects 17: Authenticity features work by winners of the 2015 Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designers. The competition theme, “Authenticity,” asked how recent advances in computation, visualization, material intelligence, and fabrication technologies have begun to alter design principles and also architects’ roles and their approaches to architecture and research. The book includes projects by the six winners of the 2015 League Prize:

Dan Adams and Marie Adams, Landing Studio
Anna Neimark and Andrew Atwood, First Office
Erin Besler, Besler & Sons
Seth McDowell and Rychiee Espinosa, mcdowellespinosa
Thom Moran
Clark Thenhaus, Endemic


This book has been supported, in part, by public funds from the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional support has been provided by the Next Generation Fund of The Architectural League.