The Architectural League Prize

Formerly known as Young Architects’ Forum

The Architectural League Prize is an annual competition, lecture series, and exhibition organized by The Architectural League and its Young Architects and Designers Committee.

Open to designers ten years or less out of school, the competition draws entries from around North America. The winners’ lectures and installations provide a lively public forum for the discussion of their work and ideas.

Winners are chosen through a portfolio competition juried by distinguished architects, artists, and critics, including the Young Architects and Designers Committee. This committee, whose rotating membership consists of past League Prize honorees, is also responsible for selecting the year’s theme and jurors.

League Prize 2024: Dirty

Lola Ben-Alon of The Natural Materials Lab
Erik Carranza of Anonima
Strat Coffman
Chase Galis, Christina Moushoul, Sonia Sobrino Ralston of Office Party
Rayshad Dorsey, Joseph James, Diego Zubizarreta Otero, Julian Owens, Michael Urueta of Partners of Place (PoP)
Leah Wulfman

League Prize 2023: Uncomfortable

Katie MacDonald and Kyle Schumann of After Architecture
Miles Gertler of Common Accounts
Joseph Altshuler and Zack Morrison of Could Be Design
Sarah Aziz and Lindsey Krug
Daisy Ames of Studio Ames
Sean Canty of Studio Sean Canty

League Prize 2022: Grounding

Nathan Friedman and Francisco Quiñones of Departamento del Distrito
Isaac Stein and Maggie Tsang of Dept.
Farzin Lotfi-Jam of Farzin Farzin
Xavi Laida Aguirre of stock-a-studio
Jose Amozurrutia and Carlos Facio of TO

League Prize 2021: Housekeeping

Tei Carpenter of Agency—Agency
Rodrigo Escandón Cesarman and Ricardo Roxo Matias of APRDELESP
Liz Gálvez of Office e.g.
Ilse Cárdenas, Regina de Hoyos, Diego Escamilla, and Juan Luis Rivera of Palma
Germane David Barnes of Studio Barnes
Lindsey May of Studio Mayd

League Prize 2020: Value

David Eskenazi of d.esk
Garrett Ricciardi and Julian Rose of Formlessfinder
Leslie Lok and Sasa Zivkovic of HANNAH
Isaac Michan Daniel of Michan Architecture
Ivi Diamantopoulou and Jaffer Kolb of New Affiliates
Luis Beltrán del Río García and Andrew Sosa Martínez of Vrtical

League Prize 2019: Just

Rachel G. Barnard of Young New Yorkers
Jennifer Bonner of MALL
Virginia Black, Gabrielle Printz, and Rosana Elkhatib of feminist architecture collaborative
Mira Hasson Henry of (HA)
Gregory Melitonov of Taller KEN
Cyrus Peñarroyo of EXTENTS

League Prize 2018: Objective

Gabriel Cuéllar and Athar Mufreh of Cadaster
Coryn Kempster of Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster
Bryony Roberts of Bryony Roberts Studio
Anya Sirota of Akoaki
Dan Spiegel of SAW // Spiegel Aihara Workshop
Alison Von Glinow and Lap Chi Kwong of Kwong Von Glinow

League Prize 2017: Support

Michelle JaJa Chang
Greg Corso & Molly Hunker of SPORTS
Mustafa Faruki of the Lab-lab for architecture
Kevin Hirth of KEVIN HIRTH Co.
Jonathan Louie & Nicole McIntosh of Architecture Office
Isabel Martínez Abascal & Alessandro Arienzo of LANZA Atelier

League Prize 2016: (im)permanence

Neeraj Bhatia of The Open Workshop
Rania Ghosn & El Hadi Jazairy of DESIGN EARTH
Juan Alfonso Garduño Jardón of G3 Arquitectos
Hubert Pelletier & Yves de Fontenay of Pelletier de Fontenay
Neyran Turan & Mete Sonmez of NEMESTUDIO
Yasmin Vobis & Aaron Forrest of Ultramoderne

League Prize 2015: Authenticity

Dan Adams & Marie Adams of Landing Studio
Erin Besler of Besler & Sons
Seth McDowell & Rychiee Espinosa of mcdowellespinosa
Thom Moran
Anna Neimark & Andrew Atwood of First Office
Clark Thenhaus of Endemic

League Prize 2014: Overlay

Kutan Ayata & Michael Young of Young & Ayata
Claus Benjamin Freyinger & Andrew Holder of The LADG
Adam Fure of SIFT Studio
Thomas Kelley & Carrie Norman of Norman Kelley
Jenny E. Sabin of Jenny Sabin Studio
Geoffrey von Oeyen of Geoffrey von Oeyen Design

League Prize 2013: Range

Luis Callejas of Lcla Office
Brandon Clifford & Wes McGee of Matter Design
Rafael Luna & Dongwoo Yim of PRAUD
Skylar J.E. Tibbits of SJET
Bryan Young of Young Projects

League Prize Publications