League Prize 2014: Overlay

Established in 1981 to recognize visionary work by young practitioners, The Architectural League Prize is an annual competition, lecture series, and exhibition led by the League and its Young Architects + Designers Committee.

The 2014 competition asked entrants to consider the overlay. Historically, overlays were iterative design methods enacted by superimposing lines, notations, and marks. More recently, we have seen morphological and diagrammatic sequences as conceptual overlays, animating a series of steps as instructions towards conclusive configurations. Today, notational overlays are used to position a single or collective project within a perceived framework.

The winners included:

  • Kutan Ayata & Michael Young of Young & Ayata
  • Claus Benjamin Freyinger & Andrew Holder of The LADG
  • Adam Fure of SIFT Studio
  • Thomas Kelley & Carrie Norman of Norman Kelley
  • Jenny E. Sabin of Jenny Sabin Studio
  • Geoffrey von Oeyen of Geoffrey von Oeyen Design

The overlay theme was developed by the 2014 Young Architects + Designers Committee, which comprised past League Prize winners Ajmal Aqtash, Beat Schenk, and Bryan Young.

The competition jury included Aqtash, Schenck, and Young, in addition to Preston Scott Cohen, Evan Douglis, Florian Idenburg, Jennifer Lee, Charles Renfro, and Annabelle Selldorf.

The competition is organized by The Architectural League’s program director, Anne Rieselbach.


Interview: The LADG

Freyinger and Holder discuss the genesis of their work and their League Prize exhibition.

October 22, 2014

Interview: SIFT Studio

League Prize winner Adam Fure describes the development of his aesthetic sensibilities.

November 22, 2014

Interview: Norman Kelley

Norman and Kelley describe their practice as applying layers of interpretation to complicate the familiar.

September 22, 2014


Young & Ayata lecture

Kutan Ayata and Michael Young explore the tension between reality and its representation.

November 22, 2014

Norman Kelley lecture

Carrie Norman and Thomas Kelley describe their attempts to elevate the ordinary.

September 22, 2014

Exhibition listing

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