Past Norden Fund winners

The Deborah J. Norden Fund, established in 1995 in memory of architect and arts administrator Deborah Norden, awards a total of up to $5,000 annually in travel/study grants to students and recent graduates in the fields of architecture, architectural history, and urban studies. Administered by the Architectural League of New York, the competition is announced each November.

Recipients of Deborah J. Norden Fund grants

Emma Benintende
On Relocation: Participatory Design Strategies for Climate Change-Induced Migration

Nicholas Moore
Relatively Generic: Wachsmann’s House for Einstein

Kevin Malawski
Pikionis’ Pathway: Paving the Acropolis

Priyanka Shah
Deep Skins: Roger Anger’s Façade Operations

Caitlin Blanchfield and Nina Kolowratnik
Deserted Border Lands: Mapping Surveillance Along the Tohono O’odham Nation

Bryan Maddock
A Serpentine Science: Affonso Eduardo Reidy’s Housing Pair

Ylan Vo
Ecologies of War and Recovery: A Case Study in Vietnam’s A Luoi Valley

Kerry O’Connor
The Plečnik Projects: Public Experience and the Section of Water

Alice Colverd and Alexander McLean
Tokyo’s Pantry: Tsukiji and the Commodification of Market Culture

Jeffery J. Roberson
Dom Hans Van der Laan and the Plastic Number

Benedict Clouette and Marlisa Wise
Forms of Aid: The Architecture of Humanitarian Space in Nairobi, Kenya

Julian Palacio
Material Tour de Force: The Work of Eladio Dieste

Melanie Kaba
Anticipating, Negotiating, Conditioning: Tidal [Infra]Structures of Patagonia

Jeff Geisinger
Connective Spaces and Social Capital in Medellin

Shima Baradaran Mohajeri
Transversal Modernity: Spatial Discourse in Architectural Paper Projects in Iran, 1960-1978

Hubert Pelletier
The Stereotomy of Complex Surfaces in French Baroque Architecture


Remy Bertin
Contextual Modernism for the New Khmer

Angela Starita
Lina Bo Bardi’s Restoration Plans for Salvador, Brazil

Yutaka Sho
Tillers of the Horizon: Projecting Public Spaces by Women in Post-conflict Rwanda

Fiyel Levent
Re Reading Ornament: Textures in Islamic Spain

Thomas Ryan
Horizontal Light: Lewerentz, Aalto and the Nordic Landscape

Tao Zhu
The Suburbanization and Land-Settlement Crisis in China, 1995-2005

Joseph Dahmen
Rammed Earth: Contemporary and Traditional in Austria, Germany and France

Elijah Huge
Stationed Overseas: Global Systems, Local Lands

Ruth Gyuse
The Kainji Dam Resettlement Project: The Politics of Vernacularization in Nigeria

Jennifer Magee
Interfacing Architecture in the Fragile Ecosystems of Australia

Sadia Shirazi
Veiled Spaces: A Study of How Bedouin Women Use Public and Private Spaces in Cairo

Ameet Hiremath
Information Technology Campuses:
Examining Neighborhood and Regional City Form in South India

Naoki Seshimo
Light and Proportion of Cistercian Monasteries

Abigail Ransmeier
Rethinking Dharavi: An Analysis of Redevelopment Programs for Slums in Mumbai, India

Ronald Rael
Wadi Hadramut: cities of earth

Felecia Davis
Manhattan to Cidade Velha

Michael Sheridan
Constructed Landscapes

Josef Asteinza
The National Center for the Arts and the Architecture of the Cuban Revolution

Diana Nicklaus
Learning in Stages: The Theaters of Berlin, Amsterdam, and London

Philip J. Ryan
Contemporary Minimalist Architecture in Europe

Karim Hammad
Forms for Permanent Housing for Palestinian Refugees

Medina-Diana Lasansky
The Partita a Scacchi festival in Marostica, Italy

Timothy Kohut
Relationship of Architecture and Community-Building in Tegulcigalpa, Honduras

Amar Sen and Ehrmei Yuan
The Path to the Center in Tibetan Architecture