SIFT Studio: Sugar cubes and moon rocks

Adam Fure uses customized techniques to alter and deform materials.

September 22, 2014

Recorded on June 24, 2014.

The Architectural League Prize, established in 1981, recognizes exemplary and provocative work by young practitioners and provides a public forum for the exchange of their ideas.

Through his Ann Arbor design practice, SIFT Studio, Adam Fure works to enliven “old substances through new treatments; composing new aesthetic mixtures from the matter at [one’s] fingertips.” Through these experiments, SIFT Studio “promotes architecture’s unique capacity to shape experience, which is neither essentialized nor thought to be static and singular.” Recent work includes a multimedia installation in Stuttgart, Germany, that transforms space, sound, and light into variable dimensions and a conceptual mirror house that was a finalist for BOFFO Building Fashion’s Linda Farrow competition in 2013.

In his League Prize lecture, Sugar Cubes and Moon Rocks, Fure revisits Georges Bataille’s concept of l’informe, which encourages his interest in altering and deforming materials through custom techniques. Fure presents six projects: HoverArtifactsMirror MirrorMichigan HouseOther Grounds, and Rocks that explore the articulation of form, experiment with materiality, and navigate the relationship of objects to nature.


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