Giancarlo Mazzanti

Giancarlo Mazzanti will present his firm’s work in a public lecture followed by a discussion with Chris McVoy.

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Graphic by Manuel Miranda Practice (MMP)

Urban Omnibus

In the second installment of City of Cycling, guest editors SLO Architecture examine the city’s cycling networks, existing and imagined. How are New Yorkers mining history, adapting technology, and making personal connections to develop the bike networks they desire?

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30 Years of Emerging Voices

30 Years of Emerging Voices: Idea, Form, Resonance documents close to 250 of the most innovative North American design firms of the past three decades.



Join us on Thursday, October 27th for the next installment of OmniBeers, an occasional gathering of Urban Omnibus readers, writers, editors, and general urban enthusiasts over happy hour drinks.


Architecture and the Anxieties of Location

An evening of presentations and discussions to consider the “anxieties of location” especially in the context of South Asian architecture.