Beaux Arts Ball 2017: Alchemy

SOLD OUT | On Friday, September 22nd, The Architectural League will hold its annual Beaux Arts Ball at Building 28 in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard.

Highlighted News and Events

Urban Omnibus

Theater-makers, natives, and newcomers draw mental maps of how they navigate comfort and discomfort in a rapidly changing city.

Young Architects 17: Authenticity

The 17th in a series of books documenting the work of winners of the Architectural League Prize for Young Architects and Designers.

Housing Brass Tacks: Home-Sharing or Illegal Hotel?

Housing Brass Tacks is an informal discussion series designed as a primer on big ideas and essential mechanics in housing policy and development in New York City.

Click for more images | Kieran Timberlake | Embassy of the United States | London, UK | 2017 | Image courtesy of Kieran Timberlake

Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake

Current Work lecture by Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake, who will present their firm’s work followed by discussion moderated by Marion Weiss.