Reimagine Town Hall

A town hall discussion featuring recent graduates' thoughts on the future of architecture at a time of converging crises.

October 13, 2020

Reimagine was a unique gathering of 119 graduates from the class of 2020, representing 44 different design schools.

Over 3 weeks in September, these graduates met once a week in small groups to discuss ideas for reimagining their role as designers and thinkers relative to the converging crises of COVID, climate change, radical economic inequity, pervasive racism, and racist violence. There were a total of 20 groups, each guided by a coordinator—practitioners and educators drawn from across the country.

The town hall, captured in the video below, gave a platform to these conversations, allowing recent graduates to present their ideas. Their presentations represent initial thoughts rather than conclusions—tentative propositions for new paradigms and provisional manifestos for action. They are ideas for reimagining the agency of the next generation of designers and architects.

This event was organized into 4 segments, each of which featured five short video presentations, followed by a short Q&A: a conversation in the midst of a conversation.


View individual presentations from each of the groups here.


New Grounds for Design Education

A roundtable discussion with student and alumni organizers from 15 design schools on their efforts to combat racism and encourage inclusion.

2020 Video