American Roundtable Theme


molo lecture

Lecture from the founders of molo on the design of their various products and exhibitions.

Video March 24, 2010

Tatiana Bilbao lecture

Emerging Voice Tatiana Bilbao discusses two of her projects that address urban and social crises through design.

Video March 24, 2010

UrbanLab lecture

The two founders behind UrbanLab in Chicago discuss their research and built projects.

Video March 17, 2010

Slade Architecture lecture

Hayes and James Slade of Slade Architecture lecture on the use of unique contexts in their past projects.

Video March 17, 2010

L.E.FT lecture

The founders of L.E.FT discuss body-, spatial-, and geo-politics in architectural practice.

Video March 10, 2010

LA DALLMAN lecture

LA DALLMAN's Grace La and James Dallman discuss their recent projects focused on the transformation of site.

Video March 10, 2010

studio SUMO: Typecasting

studio SUMO's Yolande Daniels and Sunil Bald discuss their work and its play with type and typecasting in architecture.

Video March 3, 2010