Situated Technologies Pamphlets 6

The Situated Technologies Pamphlets series explores the implications of ubiquitous computing for architecture and urbanism. How is our experience of the city and the choices we make in it affected by mobile communications, pervasive media, ambient informatics, and other “situated” technologies?

In response to two strong global vectors: the rise of pervasive information technologies and the privatization of the public sphere, Marc Böhlen and Hans Frei propose hybrid architectural programs called Micro Public Places (mpps). mpps combine insights from ambient intelligence, human computing, architecture, social engineering and urbanism to initiate ways to re-animate public life in contemporary societies. They offer access to things that are or should be available to all: air, water, medicine, books, etc. and combine machine procedures with subjective human intuition to develop joint forms of observing and knowing that neither system is capable of on its own.

For more information, go to www.situatedtechnologies.net.