On design excellence

A conversation about how the NYC Departments of Parks & Recreation and Design and Construction have implemented the Design + Construction Excellence program

May 17, 2010

Recorded: May 17, 2010

The Design + Construction Excellence program was initiated in 2004 with the goal of pursuing an “innovative and ambitious public works program in partnership with the most creative and experienced design professionals in the world.” As outlined by the city’s Department of Design and Construction, strategies for achieving this goal focused on “new procurement methods, new business policies aimed at enhancing project management, developing more accurate project scheduling guidelines, tightening the budget process and creating contemporary continuing education and evaluation standards.”

This panel discussion focuses on how the New York City Department of Design and Construction and the Department of Parks & Recreation have implemented the “tools” created by the Design + Construction Excellence program—in projects that are completed, in construction, or in design in all five boroughs. How has a policy of emphasizing design quality influenced the planning for, commissioning of, and shape of public architecture during the past six years?