American Roundtable Theme


A Creek Runs through It

Dept. argues for a hyperlocal, community-oriented approach to flood management in North Miami.

Interview June 21, 2022

All Together Now

Through its collective model and emphasis on discussion and debate, Citygroup seeks to move beyond business-as-usual design.

Interview June 14, 2022

Estudio MMX and Landing Studio

Jorge Arvizu, Ignacio del Río, Emmanuel Ramírez, and Diego Ricalde of Estudio MMX and Daniel Adams and Marie Law Adams of Landing Studio speak as part of the Emerging Voices series.

Video April 25, 2022

Design as Translation

Led by Iranian-Canadians, JA Architecture Studio draws on its hybrid identity to bring new architectural ideas to its Toronto neighborhood.

Interview April 19, 2022

Installation as Testing Ground

For Sekou Cooke, a Chicago installation offered opportunities to unite multiple strands of design inquiry.

Interview March 29, 2022