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Craig Borum and Jen Maigret of PLY+ and Adib Cúre and Carie Penabad of CÚRE & PENABAD speak as part of the Emerging Voices series.

Video July 19, 2021

Getting the Word Out

Pascale Sablan is pushing the design press to increase its coverage of women and BIPOC architects.

Interview July 13, 2021

The Road to Equity

For Kounkuey Design Initiative, transportation planning projects are one way to improve the built environment for everyone.

Interview July 13, 2021

The Abortion Clinic Next Door

Through research and design, Lori A. Brown emphasizes the ties between women’s reproductive decisions and broader social forces.

Article July 7, 2021

Shaping a Better NYC: An Election Primer

A voter education resource led by eight organizations advocating for thriving neighborhoods, beautiful parks, lively commercial corridors and welcoming public buildings.

Article June 15, 2021