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La Imagen del Agua

Las comunidades en ciudad de México afrontan grandes retos relacionados con el manejo del agua. Para Taller Capital, enfrentarse a estos problemas requiere tanto intervenciones culturales como físicas.

Interview August 10, 2021

The Image of Water

Communities throughout Mexico face severe challenges with water. Addressing them requires cultural as well as physical interventions, says Taller Capital.

Interview August 10, 2021

Inhotim: Contemporary Ruralities

Amanda Coen writes about the role of cultural institutions in rural development by looking at the Inhotim art center in Brumadinho, Brazil.

Essay July 28, 2021


Craig Borum and Jen Maigret of PLY+ and Adib Cúre and Carie Penabad of CÚRE & PENABAD speak as part of the Emerging Voices series.

Video July 19, 2021