American Roundtable Theme

Visual Essay

Inside Out

Amy Ferguson shelters at home while absorbing news of turmoil outside.

Visual Essay November 24, 2020

Solo Venice

Manuela Demichelis offers glimpses of a tourist destination emptied by a global health crisis.

Visual Essay November 9, 2020

Trash? Treasure!

Community group Trash Club asserts the value of composting after New York cuts service due to COVID.

Visual Essay November 2, 2020

Aisle Equity

Alex Priest describes his experiences as an "essential worker" in a grocery store.

Visual Essay October 30, 2020

The Age of Hyperobjects

Cole Bennette considers the links between his living space and forces like systemic racism and climate change.

Visual Essay October 26, 2020

Street Scenes

Cameron Blaylock bikes the boroughs for different perspectives on pandemic-era New York.

Visual Essay October 15, 2020

Abject Object

Jiawei Fu depicts the often-surreal quality of life during lockdown.

Visual Essay October 8, 2020

New Thresholds

Luciana Varkulja analyzes spatial strategies that small businesses use to reduce health risks.

Visual Essay October 6, 2020

Standing Strong

Douglas Crisp captures moments of tension and calm in New York City in 2020.

Visual Essay October 2, 2020

Public Alert

Doudy Charles documents a volunteer-led COVID-19 information campaign in a small Haitian city.

Visual Essay October 1, 2020