American Roundtable Theme

Visual Essay

Notes from Ahmedabad

C. Aparnaa, Dhwani Doshi, and Sparsh Patlan observe responses to COVID in an Indian city.

Visual Essay June 2, 2021

Out of Scale

Courtney Richeson seeks refuge from the pandemic in deserted open spaces.

Visual Essay April 22, 2021

No Amusement

Evan Chiang and Julian Yang visit a deserted Coney Island in summer 2020.

Visual Essay April 14, 2021

New Kid on the Block

Garrett Nelli asks if COVID-era innovations can bring lasting benefits to suburban neighborhoods.

Visual Essay April 2, 2021

Architecture Al Fresco

CORONASHAXX captures the explosion of outdoor dining and activity spaces across New York City.

Visual Essay March 19, 2021

A Secret Game

Alexa Hoyer finds welcome distraction in social distancing markers underfoot.

Visual Essay March 13, 2021

Now You See Me

Leigh Klonsky observes a changing Brooklyn during daily walks.

Visual Essay December 18, 2020

An Anxious Election

Glenn Gissler photographs boarded-up storefronts in Manhattan as political tensions run high.

Visual Essay December 10, 2020

People, Not Cars

Galatea Mendoza considers the lessons of lockdown for Los Angeles's streets.

Visual Essay December 7, 2020