Abject Object

Jiawei Fu depicts the often-surreal quality of life during lockdown.

Shifting Ground was an open call for visual reports about how the events of 2020 and 2021 reconfigured our relationship with both public and private space. Select entries were posted on the League’s Instagram account.

Jiawei Fu sent paintings reflecting on life during the early days of the pandemic.

Fu wrote:

This series of works was inspired by my daily life under quarantine in the spring. The tedium of “stay home” life became numbing; there was no outside anymore. Life became a loop—the same things happened day after day. We started to become objects in our own houses, suddenly having greater awareness of the other objects around us. Overcome by feelings of despair and loss of control, we searched for ways to create joy out of nothing.


Jiawei Fu

(@kk.fu) is an interior design student at Pratt.


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