League Prize 2008: Resonance


Architecture is a profession of ideas. Choice, agenda, and a means both to respond to problems and project solutions are key to professional vitality and progress.

But how do architectural ideas resonate beyond professional boundaries? What are the means by which an architect’s ideas/acts take effect?

2008 Winners:
DnA_Design and Architecture (Xu Tiantian), RVTR (Kathy Velikov & Geoffrey Thün), EASTON+COMBS Architects (Lonn Combs), PellOverton (Ben Pell & Tate Overton), Gage/Clemenceau Architects (Mark Foster Gage), PROJECT_ (Ana Miljacki & Lee Moreau)

2008 League Prize Committee:
Julie Beckman, Chris Lasch, Jonathan Lott

2008 Jurors:
Karen Fairbanks, Jesse Reiser, Mark Robbins, Calvin Tsao


League Prize 2004: If...Then

The 2004 Young Architects are: Gail Peter Borden, Borden Partnership, Raleigh Tobias Lundquist, Miloby Ideasystem, New York City Keith Mitnick, Mireille Roddier, Stewart Hicks Anthony Piermarini & Hansy Better Barraza, Studio Luz, Boston Fernando Romero, LCM, Mexico City Tom Wiscombe, Emergent,…

League Prize 2005: Situating

The 2005 Young Architects are: Tobias Armborst, Daniel D’Oca, Georgeen Theodore & Christine Williams, Interboro, New York City Dan Hisel, Cambridge, MA Tiffany Lin & Mark Oldham, LOO, Boston Greg Kochanowski, STUFF, Los Angeles Stephen Roe & Chiafang Wu, ROEWUarchitecture, New York…

League Prize 2006: Instability

The 2006 Young Architects are: Julie Beckman & Keith Kaseman, KBAS, Alexandria David Benjamin & Soo-in Yang, The Living, New York City Craig Borum & Karl Daubmann, PLY Architecture, Ann Arbor Yansong Ma & Yosuke Hayano, MAD Office, Ann Arbor Julio Salcedo,…