January 3, 2018

G3 Arquitectos | Kinder Álamos, Querétaro, Mexico, 2011. Credit: Yoshihiro Koitani

In 2016, Mexico’s G3 Arquitectos won the League Prize, which celebrates young architects and designers.

Founder Juan Alfonso Garduño Jardón presented his work as part of the associated lecture series.

In school, Garduño noted in his talk, architects are taught to think primarily about form, proportion, material, and construction. The broader context in which buildings exist—the ecological, financial, historical, and social forces that shape and are shaped by them—is too often ignored.

To counter this tendency, every project at his Querétaro-based firm begins with a broad-ranging discussion of what to prioritize. The resulting body of work ranges from a kindergarten that foregrounds play to community centers that emphasize programming over built form. The thread uniting each project: an emphasis on user experience.

In the video below, he discusses projects including: