Beaux Arts Ball 2022 photo gallery

The 2022 Beaux Arts Ball took place at a familiar venue: Building 269 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a vast and lofty former submarine fabrication shed, part of Agger Fish Corp. and the site of our 2019 Ball. An original installation by Jaffer Kolb and Ivi Diamantopoulou of New Affiliates, with lighting design by Joel Fitzpatrick Studio, captured the event theme, CHILL.

A note on Missed Connections, the 2022 Beaux Arts Ball installation by New Affiliates

“Architecture always comes down to the detail—how two materials join, how they are bound, how they’re secured. We work hard to study and draw connections, to ensure those moments will hold. A weak detail is a little scary. For this installation we collected discarded elements from across the Navy Yard—16 panels used in a Times Square installation, and by-products of fabrication processes from construction dust to glass beads—and used ice to hold them together in new assemblies. The ice is a joint, a detail holding the large panels in a configuration that is both spatial (the panels act like walls, canopies, and furniture) and dynamic (they seem to be frozen mid-gesture). When the ice melts, the panels will fall and the aggregates cast inside will be left as a material residue. The ghostly connections remind us that the detail is always a tenuous conceit.”

Photography by Leandro Viana

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