Beaux Arts Ball 2017 Photo Gallery

Photographs from Beaux Arts Ball 2017: Alchemy

On Friday, September 22, 2017, The Architectural League held its annual Beaux Arts Ball at Building No. 28 in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard. This year’s theme, Alchemy, celebrated the transformation from one state to another, the quicksilver act of creation: dockyards into an innovation hub; concrete, steel, and wood into the world we live in.

Responding to this year’s theme, Brett H. Schneider and Lizzie Hodges designed UNPACKING, a site-specific installation that stretched along 400 feet of the building’s interior. The Architectural League gratefully the sponsors and supporters of this year’s event.

Below are photos from the Ball, as well as from the annual Benefactors Dinner, which was held the same evening. To jump to the Benefactors Dinner, click here.

Photography by Leandro Viana, unless otherwise noted.