Beaux Arts Ball 2018 photo gallery

The 2018 Beaux Arts Ball, Vector, celebrated the flow of ideas, goods, and people through global networks of communication and exchange. Boston-based Landing Studio’s site-specific installation, 16 Salt Tarps, Half Red Half White, responded to this year’s theme and the Navy Yard’s history. The designers wrote: “16 Salt Tarps, Half Red Half White, are woven in Ohio and sewn in Illinois, unloaded on a gantry in Brooklyn, on their way to cover a salt pile in Staten Island or Newark.”

Below are photos from the Ball. Scroll down to see additional images from the Benefactors Dinner, which was held the same evening.

Photography by Leandro Viana.


Donors (download)

Beaux Arts Ball

Benefactors Dinner


AGENCY lecture

Ersela Kripa and Stephen Mueller, founders of AGENCY, discuss their work.