Event June 22, 2021

League Prize 2021: Night 2

With Tei Carpenter of Agency–Agency and Rodrigo Escandón Cesarman and Ricardo Roxo Matias of APRDELESP.

Event June 29, 2021

League Prize 2021: Night 3

With Lindsey May of Studio Mayd and Ilse Cárdenas, Regina de Hoyos, Diego Escamilla, and Juan Luis Rivera of Palma.


American Roundtable

An Architectural League initiative offering on-the-ground perspectives on the condition of small to mid-size American communities.

Program Manager

The Architectural League seeks a highly engaged, energetic individual who is deeply interested in architecture and the built environment to serve as Program Manager.

Urban Omnibus is The Architectural League’s online publication dedicated to observing, understanding, and shaping the city.

Remediation as Reparative Justice: Renewable Rikers

New plans for a "Renewable Rikers" seek to address the interconnected environmental and social harms on an island where toxicity takes on multiple meanings — and stretches far beyond its shores.