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In Conversation: Farshid Moussavi and Elizabeth O’Donnell

Two architects and educators discuss the state of architectural education, the place of research in the discipline, and the contemporary role of the architect.

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200 Years of American Architectural Drawing

Revisiting a 1977 exhibition and publication on the previously unexplored role of drawing within the profession of architecture through the work of 85 accomplished architects of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

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5KL: Land

Documentation of a symposium on rethinking land and its value in light of climate change, organized by the League in conjunction with The Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design, including video of a conversation on Land, Climate, and Culture with Rebecca Solnit and Cassim Shepard.

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The Five Thousand Pound Life

A multi-year initiative on new ways of thinking and acting on climate change, architecture, and our economic future.

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Architectural League Prize 2014: Overlay

Explore filmed interviews and full lecture videos for the six winners of the 2014 Architectural League Prize.

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Emerging Voices 2014

View a series of interviews and lecture videos for the eight firms selected as 2014 Emerging Voices.

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Common Shares

A collection of all three winning essays from this year’s Urban Omnibus writing competition, Common Shares.

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Beaux Arts Ball 2014: Craft

In anticipation of this year’s Beaux Arts Ball and its theme of Craft, we highlighted the work and expertise of the many artisans, consultants, and designers involved in the extensive restoration of the event venue, a landmarked bank building in Williamsburg.

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Women in American Architecture: 1977 and Today

Susana Torre draws on a 1977 League exhibition and publication on women in the architectural profession to consider the influence that feminism has had on architecture and urban planning and to reflect on how the discourse has and has not changed.

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Re-envisioning Branch Libraries

The Architectural League is collaborating with the Center for an Urban Future on a design study that will articulate new architectural, financial, and programmatic possibilities for these essential, neighborhood-based resource centers.

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Travel Reports: The Deborah J. Norden Fund

As we announce the 2015 Call for Proposals, check out 2008 Norden Fund grantee Angela Starita’s travel report in our ongoing series featuring grantees’ projects through their essays, photographs, and sketches.

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5KL: The Energy Issue

Full documentation of a recent Five Thousand Pound Life symposium, in which architects led discussions with the investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, policy experts, journalists, and filmmakers closest to the power of energy.

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Folly 2014: SuralArk

Presenting the winner of Folly 2014, SuralArk, by Austin + Mergold, including an interview with Jason Timberlake Austin and Aleksandr Mergold, and a look into other notable competition entries and themes that emerged in this year’s proposals.

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Massimo Vignelli

In memory of the great designer, and beloved friend of the League, Massimo Vignelli.

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In Conversation: Yung Ho Chang
and Michael Bell

The two architects reflect on their shared personal and professional histories on the occasion of Chang’s 2014 Current Work lecture.

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Richard Serra

Photos and remarks from the dinner honoring Richard Serra as the 2014 recipient of The Architectural League’s highest honor, the President’s Medal.

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Renewing Arverne

A three part feature considering the past, present, and uncertain future of the Arverne Urban Renewal Area, an important but vulnerable public asset.

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In Conversation: Guy Nordenson and Thomas Phifer

Nordenson and Phifer reflect on several of the projects they have completed together and their conceptual approach to collaborative practice as the continuous development of a shared sensibility.

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Celebrating Five Years of Urban Omnibus

Party photos from our recent benefit event to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Urban Omnibus, and a series of reflections on themes that have emerged on the site since its launch.

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Project Reports: NYSCA Architecture + Design Grants

Essays from Margaret Morton on the architecturally distinctive ancestral cemeteries of Kyrgyzstan, Julie Farris on temporary landscapes as community gathering spaces, and six other NYSCA grantees sponsored by the League.

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Willem Jan Neutelings, Neutelings Riedijk Architects

A video with highlights from the Dutch architect’s November 2013 Current Work lecture, as well as a Q&A session moderated by Lyn Rice.

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Conversations on New York: 2001–2010

Reflecting on how the Bloomberg administration physically reshaped New York City and considering its impacts on neighborhoods, then, now, and tomorrow.

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Kersten Geers and Annabelle Selldorf

A conversation, and lecture video, focussing on the work of OFFICE and its approach to design, representation, and collaboration.

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Architectural League Prize 2013: Range

On the occasion of the 2014 Architectural League Prize competition call for entries, explore the final installment of interviews with the 2013 winners.

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Welcomm City | Image via Iroje

Seung H-Sang and Barry Bergdoll

A conversation between Seung and Bergdoll about the Korean architect’s influences, his interest in emptiness and site, and the public role of architecture today.

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Emerging Voices 2013

View a series of interviews with and lecture videos of the firms selected for the 2013 Emerging Voices program.

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A Country of Cities

Before they became a book, a series of opinion pieces by Vishaan Chakrabarti on Urban Omnibus explained how we can realize a more prosperous, sustainable, and equitable nation.

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Little Free Library/NYC

Presenting—including a new documentary video—the design, installation, and use of ten Little Free Libraries across the East Village and the Lower East Side that were on view through September 1, 2013.

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folly feature

Folly 2013: tree wood

A feature exploring the winning proposal, tree wood, by Toshihiro Oki Architect, on view at Socrates Sculpture Park until March 31, and the finalists and themes of the 2013 competition.

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Success Looks Different Now

A report by Ray Gastil, with Abby Bussel, Paula Deitz, and Rosalie Genevro, about contemporary culture and the important and positive ways in which the role of architecture and design in city building is evolving.

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Ada Louise Huxtable Feature

Ada Louise Huxtable

Reflections on the life and work of the great Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic by architects, journalists, developers, and city officials.

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Restoring 101 Spring Street

A discussion with Robert Bates, Rob Beyer, and Adam Yarinsky detailing the history and restoration process of Donald Judd’s former residence.

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The City That Never Was

The current economic crisis in Spain provides a point of departure for rethinking global patterns of urbanization and settlement. With documentation of a February 2013 symposium, photography, an essay, and interview.

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Folk Art Facade 6, Image By Giles Ashford

The American Folk Art Museum Building and the Museum of Modern Art

Video now available from the public conversation on the Museum of Modern Art’s reaffirmed decision to demolish the American Folk Art Museum building.

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Urban Omnibus

In “Experimental Research Studio: Jamaica Bay,” Catherine Seavitt presents the process of an experimental landscape architecture studio and a framework of adaptive design strategies that merge ecosystem restoration with infrastructures to protect communities in Jamaica Bay.

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An investigation into a variety of building typologies to identify the ways in which these classifications have become stale, overly simplified, or misunderstood — how they have been typecast.

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Wang Shu & Lu Wenyu, Amateur Architecture Studio

Featuring the philosophy and projects of the Hangzhou-based studio on the occasion of Wang Shu’s 2013 Current Work Lecture.

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Fuzzy Math

Announcing the winner and runners-up of the second annual Urban Omnibus writing competition, this year on the topic of cost, metrics, and measurement in urban life.

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Ideas City 2013

As an organizing partner of the 2013 festival, with the theme Untapped Capital, the League announces two projects that will launch in conjunction with the event: Little Free Library/NYC and Typecast.

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Renzo Piano

A feature looking back on the architect’s long relationship with the League, including several lectures and a 1992 exhibition.

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A Commitment to Place: Material, Craft, and Labor

Bijoy Jain, Francis Kéré, and Simón Vélez are three architects whose work demonstrate what it means to practice with a deep sensitivity to place.

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Ulrich Franzen

A feature honoring and remembering the famous modernist and his impact on the Architectural League, of which he was President from 1966-68 and a Board Member until his death in 2012.

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Stock Orchard St_garden view

Sarah Wigglesworth, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

On the occasion of her 2013 Current Work lecture, Sarah Wigglesworth sits down to discuss her home building project, environmental and social sustainability, and women in architecture.

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Room For Rent

Making Room

Exploring contemporary challenges in and possible solutions for creating affordable, legal, safe, comfortable, and desirable options in New York City’s housing market.

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Meeting the Demands of New York’s New Realities

On the year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, a feature showcasing ideas from the design community and beyond that confront the challenges presented by our region’s vulnerability to severe storms and rising tides.

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Mike Taylor, Hopkins Architects

On the occasion of his 2013 Current Work lecture, Mike Taylor of Hopkins Architects sits down to discuss craft, sustainability, and velodromes with Tom Phifer.

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f_Biarritz SHA 10-12 7397

Steven Holl, Steven Holl Architects

A feature on the projects and ideas of the New York architect, on the occasion of his participation in the 2012-13 Current Work program, which highlights the work of major, international figures in architecture and design.

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Emerging Voices 2012

Interviews, project slideshows, and lecture videos for the 2012 winners.

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VL Feature Main

Vacant Lots

Commentary and selections from the League’s 1987 design study, which considered the potential of small-scale infill housing to contribute to the city’s affordable housing portfolio.

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AK Feature

Alberto Kalach, Taller de Arquitectura X

In two video podcasts, the architect discusses his recent work and visionary plans for his native Mexico City.

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A Centennial Sketchbook for Grand Central Terminal

A gallery of the winning work from a drawing competition exploring the legacy and iconicity of a New York City landmark, with comments from competition jurors.

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Material Flows, Ecosystem Growth, and Urban Landscape Renewal

A 2008 lecture by biologist and plant scientist Paul Mankiewicz on how to improve the environmental, infrastructural and economic health of cities through enhanced ecological productivity and biodiversity.

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Architectural League Prize 2012: No Precedent

A feature documenting the 2012 winners, with images of the exhibition at Parsons and video interviews with the firms.

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Touching the Internet

Investigating the built manifestations of the Internet with journalist Andrew Blum.

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Tod Williams & Billie Tsien, TWBTA

Tod Williams and Billie Tsien on recent projects for the arts.

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klaus feature

New York, Climate Change, and Sea Level Rise

A 2008 lecture by climate scientist Klaus Jacob on New York’s vulnerability to sea level rise and storm surges.

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Finding Common Ground

A conversation between the League’s Rosalie Genevro and Gregory Wessner on the highs and lows of the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale.

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Pavilions and Follies

Reinterpreting the architectural folly for the 21st century.

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Francis Kéré and Michael Bierut

A conversation with Michael Bierut and Francis Kéré on architecture, social design, and leadership.

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Gregg Pasquarelli, SHoP Architects

An interview with SHoP partner Gregg Pasquarelli in conjunction with his January 2011 Current Work lecture.

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