From Field to Form: Hemp

A group of experts discuss the broad potential of hemp-based building materials.

November 27, 2023

Recorded on November 8, 2023.

From Field to Form is a series of events exploring the possibilities, life cycles, and architectural implications of plant- and earth-based materials.

In this video, critical voices from across the hemp ecosystem investigate how building with hemp using new design approaches can be a viable, healthy alternative for design and construction in the United States.

The program includes presentations by Jonsara Ruth and Alison Mears, design director and director of Healthy Materials Lab (HML) at Parsons School of Design; Larry Smart, the leader of the Cornell Hemp Research and Extension team; Tommy Gibbons, the chief innovation officer at Hempitecture Inc., a public benefit corporation created to develop, manufacture, and distribute sustainable, high-performing building materials based in Idaho; and Jennifer Martin, a partner at HempStone, a New England-based company focused on hempcrete. Ruth and Mears served as moderators for the evening.


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