Reimagine Town Hall

Presentations about architecture and contemporary challenges, based on workshops with 2020 design graduates.

October 7, 2020
7:00 p.m.

The converging and ongoing crises of COVID-19, climate change, radical economic inequality, pervasive racism, and racist violence require that all systems, infrastructures, and institutions, including architecture, space, and cities, be reimagined. This reimagining must include how and to what ends architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design can act in the world. How might members of the class of 2020 reimagine their role as designers and thinkers trained to understand and shape space? What are the questions, what are the issues, and what are the potential approaches to engaging the complexity of these crises?

Reimagine brought together more than 120 recent graduates in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design from across the United States to discuss these issues in small online groups. Each group met weekly for conversation over three consecutive weeks to listen to one other, identify critical issues, and develop ideas about what might and should be done. 

In this Town Hall, participants will present their ideas and conversations in the form of short videos. The event will also feature discussions about the workshop—and about next steps for pursuing the ideas developed.


Inventing f-architecture

Dissatisfied with conventional models of architectural practice, the designers behind the feminist collaborative created their own.