Towards a New Architecture: Climate Change and Design

The climate emergency demands that the ways we build change radically. But how? A series of events and discussions explores.

The climate emergency demands that the ways we build, and think about building, change radically. But how? We are in a rapidly evolving, paradoxical context of worsening scientific indicators, sweeping and contradictory policy proposals from different points on the political spectrum, and, simultaneously, increasing climate change-instigated action at the scale of cities and regions.

What, then, should designers do, and how can they do it? How do the practice, culture, and pedagogy of architecture and landscape architecture need to shift?

In this series of lectures, discussions, and interviews, leading practitioners, educators, and sustainability advocates describe the urgent need for change and sketch the outlines of new ways of thinking and acting as architects and landscape architects.



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Lecture videos


Empowering architects to take on carbon

The design community needs a robust toolkit of decarbonization strategies that all practitioners can use, argues KieranTimberlake's Stephanie Carlisle.

December 23, 2019

Architecture as energy source

The built environment is colliding with the power grid, creating powerful opportunities for decarbonization, says Blueprint Power's Robyn Beavers.

November 27, 2019

Living Buildings and the climate crisis

Architects have been slow to address global warming, says the International Living Future Institute's CEO, but can still make a difference by taking radical steps now.

October 27, 2019