League Prize 1992: On Hold

Established in 1981 to recognize visionary work by young practitioners, The Architectural League Prize is an annual competition, lecture series, and exhibition led by the League and its Young Architects + Designers Committee.

Architecture as a discipline and as a practice has many phases. Periods of intense activity are followed by lulls, creating opportunities to explore neglected terrain and to establish alternatives. It is these “architectural incubations” which refresh and rejuvenate the whole of architecture.

This year’s theme, “On Hold,” recognized the value of reevaluation, the necessity of pause in a young architect’s work. What are the areas of new investigations? What transformations are taking shape? How is current thinking being challenged?

How are young architects occupying themselves during this current “architectural incubation” period?

Winners included:

  • Yung-Ho Chang
  • Kevin Kennon & Peter Moore
  • Johannes Knoops
  • Scott Marble
  • Joe Mashburn
  • Peter Pelsinski & Marc Tsurumaki
  • Preston Scott Cohen

The theme was developed by the 1992 Young Architects + Designers Committee, which comprised past League Prize winners George Boyle,
Craig Konyk, and William MacDonald.

The jury included Paul Byard, Beatriz Colomina, Stanley Saitowitz, and Mack Scogin.

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