League Prize 2005: Situating

Established in 1981 to recognize visionary work by young practitioners, The Architectural League Prize is an annual competition, lecture series, and exhibition led by the League and its Young Architects + Designers Committee.

What constitutes a young architect’s site?

As architects increasingly share concepts and techniques with other disciplines, notions of site shift from the static to the dynamic. Neither blank canvas nor historical context, sites are increasingly understood as multilayered constructs with particular focus on process, environment, and time, operating on planes as diverse as the physical, legal, financial, temporal, and ecological. This competition asked how young architects decide where to intervene in this complex new field.

The winners included:

  • Tobias Armborst, Daniel D’Oca, Georgeen Theodore, & Christine Williams of Interboro
  • Dan Hisel
  • Greg Kochanowski of STUFF
  • Tiffany Lin & Mark Oldham of LOO
  • Stephen Roe & Chiafang Wu of ROEWUarchitecture
  • Mason White & Lola Sheppard of Lateral Architecture

The year’s theme was developed by the 2005 Young Architects + Designers Committee, which comprised past League Prize winners Eric Bunge, Ben Checkwitch, and Mike Latham.

The jury included Bunge, Checkwitch, and Latham, in addition to Iñaki Abalos, James Carpenter, Keller Easterling, and Calvin Tsao.

The competition is organized by The Architectural League’s program director, Anne Rieselbach.

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