League Prize 2005: Situating


What constitutes a young architect’s site?

As architects increasingly share concepts and techniques with other disciplines, notions of site shift from the static to the dynamic. Neither blank canvas nor historical context, sites are increasingly understood as multi-layered constructs with particular focus on process, environment, and time, operating on planes as diverse as the physical, legal, financial, temporal, or ecological. How does a young architect decide where to intervene in this complex new field?

We can reconsider this expanded notion of ‘siting’ to include the conceptual ‘situating’ of an architectural problem. How does an architect define a site for intervention or emphasis, be it tangible or intangible? Whether in the design of a building component, choice and use of a software, or development of a fabrication technique, where do young architects situate architectural problems? How are the parameters specific to each architect’s site apparent in the work and its representation?

How do architects situate their profession within the context of various disciplines and culture at large? As design challenges become increasingly complex and architects form continually larger multi-disciplinary teams, overlaps between previously distinct fields produce emergent disciplines. How do young architects situate their work within this spectrum of identities? What new work is made possible by this situating?

2005 Winners:
STUFF: Greg Kochanowski
ROEWUarchitecture: Stephen Roe & Chiafang Wu
Lateral Architecture: Mason White & Lola Sheppard
Dan Hisel
LOO: Tiffany Lin & Mark Oldham
Interboro: Tobias Armborst, Daniel D’Oca, Georgeen Theodore & Christine Williams

2005 League Prize Committee:
Eric Bunge
Ben Checkwitch
Mike Latham

2005 Jurors:
Iñaki Abalos
James Carpenter
Keller Easterling
Calvin Tsao