League Prize 2022: Night 2

With Isaac Stein and Maggie Tsang of Dept. and Jose Amozurrutia and Carlos Facio of TO.

August 3, 2022

Recorded on June 22, 2022.

The second evening of lectures by winners of the 2022 Architectural League Prize.

The League Prize is an annual competition that has been organized by The Architectural League since 1981. Open to designers ten years or less out of school, it draws entrants from around North America.

In this video, Isaac Stein and Maggie Tsang of Dept. (Houston, TX) and Jose Amozurrutia and Carlos Facio of TO (Mexico City, Mexico) discuss projects including:


  • Prairie Plots, a living installation that replaces approximately 10,000 square feet of mowed lawn in Houston with native prairie species;
  • Good Neighbor Stormwater Park, a community park that transforms a vacant property into a local stormwater-retention basin in a flood-prone neighborhood in North Miami;
  • Repetitive Loss Plan, a citywide plan that re-envisions North Miami’s flood-prone residential properties as a network of small stormwater retention parks.


  • Kithara Project, an open-air music classroom built of recycled masonry materials in a suburb of Mexico City;
  • Palimpsesto, a museum pavilion located in a Mexico City park that converts construction rubble into roof tiles;
  • Camino al Mango House, a residential project in a historical town west of Mexico City that uses local stone and traditional labor techniques.

The presentations are followed by a moderated discussion and Q&A with 2022 Young Architects + Designers Committee member Luis Beltrán del Río García. Beltrán, a co-founder of Vrtical, teaches at the Universidad Iberoamericana.


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