Dream The Combine and LANZA Atelier

Tom Carruthers and Jennifer Newsom of Dream The Combine and Isabel Abascal and Alessandro Arienzo of LANZA Atelier speak as part of the Emerging Voices series.

May 1, 2023

Recorded on March 16, 2023.

Dream The Combine and LANZA Atelier were two of eight winners of the 2023 Emerging Voices competition, which recognizes North American designers with distinct voices and significant bodies of realized work. 

In this video, two of the winning firms present their work at the second evening of the 2023 Emerging Voices online lecture series. 

Tom Carruthers and Jennifer Newsom, founders of Minneapolis-based Dream The Combine, take the opportunity to reflect on where the firm has been and where it’s going, answering three self-posed questions about their work: Why do you do what you do? How do you do what you do? What do you do? The result is a layered, poetic account of their practice, and a personal look into several of their projects.

Isabel Abascal and Alessandro Arienzo, founders of Mexico City’s LANZA Atelier, reflect on the meaning of being an “Emerging Voice.” They present completed projects at different scales to demonstrate the through lines in their work, including circular economy and the belief that architectural concepts transcend scale. 

The presentations are followed by a conversation with Mario Gooden, the director of Mario Gooden Studio: Architecture + Design and a professor of professional practice at Columbia GSAPP. The conversation focuses on the definition of the architect each practice presents through their work, one that fills gaps in the discipline by seeing the unseen and giving voice to the unheard.


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