Annual Election of Officers and Directors of The Architectural League

The founding of The Architectural League on January 18, 1881, by a group of young architects led by Cass Gilbert, exemplified the ferment and ambition of New York’s architecture community towards the end of the nineteenth century. At a time when formal architectural education was still rare, the establishment of a voluntary association for “the purposes…of architectural study” was an acknowledgment on the part of young American architects that if they were to evolve creatively and intellectually, they would need to create the environment in which to do so themselves. Over the course of one hundred forty years, that voluntary spirit of association and education has remained constant and continues to drive the League today.

Members of The Architectural League play an important role in its governance. Members elect the organization’s Officers and Directors, who oversee the League’s operations and its professional staff.

All members in good standing are encouraged to vote using the link they receive by email. The proposed slate of Officers and Directors has been nominated by a committee of the League’s current Board and approved by the full Board. By casting your vote, you empower proxies (the League’s President, Secretary, and Executive Director) to officially cast ballots on your behalf at this year’s Annual Meeting, which we encourage all members to attend.

To vote on this year’s proposed slate of Officers and Directors, members may cast their private ballot online by clicking the link in the election email they receive.

The structure of the Board, its current members, and individuals newly nominated to serve

What is the composition of the League’s Board and governance?
The structure of the League’s governance is set by the League’s by-laws. The League’s Board is made up of a President, who must be an architect; a Treasurer; a Secretary; a First Vice-President, who also must be an architect; and additional Vice-Presidents, representing architecture’s allied arts. From its inception, the League’s programs have been characterized by an emphasis on architecture as an art and on the connection of architecture to the other arts. The League’s vice-presidencies (for visual arts, landscape design, communication, industrial design, urban design, engineering, and history and theory) represent not only a reminder of the historic goals and structure of the organization but a commitment to ongoing interdisciplinary conversation. Officers serve two-year terms. In addition to Officers, Directors are elected to complete the Board’s membership. Directors are elected in classes and serve for three years. Officers and Directors may be re-elected.

Who currently serves on the League’s Board?
See the full list of current Board members here.

Has anyone been newly nominated to serve on the Board?
No new additions to the Board have been nominated this year.

Nominees for Officers in 2022-23:
President: Mario Gooden, Mario Gooden Studio
Vice-President for Architecture: Quilian Riano, DSGN AGNC
Vice-President for Visual Arts: Kris Graves, photographer, Kris Graves Projects
Vice-President for Visual Arts: Torkwase Dyson, artist
Vice-President for History, Theory and Criticism: Mabel O. Wilson, Studio & and Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation
Secretary: Stella Betts, LEVENBETTS

Nominees for Directors in the Class of 2025:
Vishaan Chakrabarti, PAU | Practice for Architecture and Urbanism
Frances Halsband, Kliment Halsband Architects
Andy Klemmer, Paratus Group
Ersela Kripa, AGENCY
Joseph Mizzi, Sciame Construction
Thomas Phifer, Thomas Phifer and Partners
Brad Samuels, SITU
Ken Smith, Ken Smith Workshop
Calvin Tsao, Tsao & McKown Architects
Sarah Williams, Civic Data Lab, MIT

Nominees for Directors, Class of 2024:
Paul Lewis, LTL Architects

Nominees for Directors, Class of 2023:
Mary Burnham, MBB Architects

Is anyone stepping down from the Board?
No current members of the Board will step down at this year’s Annual Meeting.

What is a Life Trustee?
To recognize exceptional service to the League, the Board may appoint individuals to serve as Life Trustees of the League. While without formal voting powers or fiduciary responsibilities to the organization, Life Trustees remain active participants in and counselors to the League.