About: League Staff

League Staff

Rosalie Genevro

Executive Director

genevro [at] archleague.org

ext. 11

Anne Rieselbach

Program Director

rieselbach [at] archleague.org

ext. 12

Nicholas Anderson

Managing Director

anderson [at] archleague.org


Mariana Mogilevich

Editor in Chief, Urban Omnibus

mogilevich [at] archleague.org

ext. 23

Sarah Wesseler

Editor, Digital Media

wesseler [at] archleague.org

ext. 21

Catarina Flaksman

Program Manager

flaksman [at] archleague.org

ext. 13

Anne Carlisle

Communications Manager

carlisle [at] archleague.org

ext. 16

Joshua McWhirter

Managing Editor, Urban Omnibus

mcwhirter [at] archleague.org

ext. 22

Daniel Cioffi

Development and Membership Associate

cioffi [at] archleague.org

ext. 17

Katie Rotman

Administrative Assistant

rotman [at] archleague.org

ext. 10

Marla Carter


bookkeeper [at] archleague.org

ext. 15

Alicia Botero

Communications Intern


Ken Marburg

CCNY – S. Jay Levy Summer Fellow

marburg [at] archleague.org

Nathan Revor

Communications Intern

revor [at] archleague.org

Sam Velasquez

Project Assistant, Urban Omnibus

velasquez [at] archleague.org

Become a volunteer

The Architectural League depends on the help and goodwill of volunteers to carry out a calendar of about editorial, events, and over 20 programs a year. Volunteers are most often needed at events in the areas of registration, preparation of give-away materials, ushering, and light food service.

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