2013 President’s Medal: Renzo Piano


Renzo Piano © Joan Cuenco

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2013 President’s Medal
Renzo Piano

On April 9, 2013, The Architectural League of New York presented its President’s Medal to Renzo Piano, founder of Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Genoa, Paris, and New York. The President’s Medal is the Architectural League’s highest honor and is bestowed, at the discretion of the League’s President and Board of Directors, on individuals to recognize an extraordinary body of work in architecture, urbanism, or design.

Recent recipients of the President’s Medal include Amanda BurdenMassimo and Lella Vignelli, Hugh Hardy, Richard Meier, Ada Louise Huxtable, Robert A.M. Stern, Kenneth Frampton, Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, and Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown.

In presenting the award, Architectural League President Annabelle Selldorf read the following citation:

Renzo Piano pursues architecture as a profoundly humanistic and optimistic undertaking. He understands architecture as both art and science, and the work of the architect as the constant effort to hold in balance a series of inherent dualisms: discipline and freedom, memory and invention, nature and technology. Renzo Piano and the Building Workshop create meaning through the act of making, experimenting continuously with light and materials and structure, guided by a deep awareness that everything crafted by humans is nonetheless embedded in the world of nature. Embracing the full spectrum of human activity, the work of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop ranges from sublime settings for art and music, to buildings that express and support the nobility of scientific inquiry, to places that celebrate and project into the future the historical continuity of societies and cultures.

With deep admiration for this passionate and sustained search and the extraordinary body of work it has produced, The Architectural League awards its 2013 President’s Medal to Renzo Piano.

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Programs with sketches of iconic Renzo Piano Building Workshop projects | © Joan Cuenco

Anne Rieselbach, Ken Smith, and Priscilla McGeehon | © Joan Cuenco

Joe Mizzi and Joseph Ienuso | © Joan Cuenco

Susan Chin | © Joan Cuenco

Robert Silman and Kenneth Frampton | © Joan Cuenco

Thomas Jessell, Erik Kandel, Richard Axel and friends | © Joan Cuenco

Thom and Blythe Mayne | © Joan Cuenco

Stella Betts and David Leven | © Joan Cuenco

Mark di Suvero and Leslie Koch | © Joan Cuenco

Marilyn Jordan Taylor, Marion Weiss, and George Miller | © Joan Cuenco

Cinthya Melgar and Carol Patterson | © Joan Cuenco

Denzil Gallagher, Graham Wyatt, and Kirk Mettam | © Joan Cuenco

Bill Sharples, Elise Pettus, and Jonathan Marvel | © Joan Cuenco

Louise Neri and Peter Fleissig | © Joan Cuenco

Rusty O’Kelley, John Haskins, Angela Sun, Ate Atema, and Patrick Murphy | © Joan Cuenco

Dina Griffin and Renzo Piano | © Joan Cuenco

Margot and Tom Pritzker with Renzo Piano | © Joan Cuenco

Barbara Pine, Gregory Melitonov, Patrick Hazari | © Joan Cuenco

Brian Regan, Arthur Cohen, Susan Rodriguez, Charles Stone, and Jamie Rose Devenger | © Joan Cuenco

Wendy Evans Joseph, Jeffrey Ravetch, and Marion Weiss | © Joan Cuenco

John Gagnier and Craig Schwitter | © Joan Cuenco

Robert A.M. Stern, Nicholas Stern, and Judith DiMaio | © Joan Cuenco

Antonio Monda and David Thurm | © Joan Cuenco

Renzo Piano and friend | © Joan Cuenco

Anne Rieselbach, Tom Phifer, Lawrence Carty, James Corner, and Eva Franch | © Joan Cuenco

Frances Halsband and Robert Kliment | © Joan Cuenco

Rachel Judlowe and Ted Loos | © Joan Cuenco

The guest book | © Joan Cuenco

Gregg Pasquarelli, Billie Tsien, Tod Williams and friends | © Joan Cuenco

Jeffrey Murphy and Jean Phifer | © Joan Cuenco

Steve Hogden and Franco Pagano sign the guest book | © Joan Cuenco

Mahadev Raman, Alastair Guthrie, Deborah Nevins | © Joan Cuenco

Amanda Burden, Tom Outerbridge, and Annabelle Selldorf | © Joan Cuenco

Bill Lacy and Ann Orcutt | © Joan Cuenco

Table décor | © Joan Cuenco

Charles Murphy, Firooz Zahedi, and Beth Rudin DeWoody | © Joan Cuenco

Anna Dyson, Kate Orff, and Gregg Pasquarelli | © Joan Cuenco

Renzo Piano | © Joan Cuenco

Stavros Niarchos and Katerina Dracopoulos | © Joan Cuenco

Tom Pritzker, Amanda Burden, and Renzo Piano | © Joan Cuenco

Rosalie Genevro | © Joan Cuenco

Suzanne Stephens and Brenda Cline | © Joan Cuenco

Daniel Gortler and Paul Lewis | © Joan Cuenco

The dinner | © Joan Cuenco

Rachel Judlowe and Michael Arad | © Joan Cuenco

Faith Rose and Mark Wigley | © Joan Cuenco

Cathleen McGuigan, Ted Hathaway, and Laurie Beckelman | © Joan Cuenco

Margaret Sullivan, Rafael Vinoly, and friend | © Joan Cuenco

Gregg Pasquarelli, Jay Kriegel, and Vishaan Chakrabarti | © Joan Cuenco

Mary Ellen Iskenderian, Rusty O’Kelley and Charlotte Morgan | © Joan Cuenco

Renzo Piano and Annabelle Selldorf | © Joan Cuenco

Jeremy Berman, Andrea Berman, Vasili Tsamis, and Donna Tsamis | © Joan Cuenco

Adam Weinberg and Milly Piano | © Joan Cuenco

Martin Filler, Alexis Quinlan, and Andy Klemmer | © Joan Cuenco

Breck Perkins, Frank Sciame, and Jon Maass | © Joan Cuenco

Renzo Piano, Karen Stein, and Annabelle Selldorf | © Joan Cuenco

Marcelo Velez, Victoria Mason-Ailey, Renzo Piano, Erik Kandel, Philip Pitruzzello, and Maxine Griffith | © Joan Cuenco

The dinner | © Joan Cuenco

Joost Elffers and Galia Solomonoff | © Joan Cuenco

Eric Lee, Anne Edgar, Rosalie Genevro, and Suzanne Stephens | © Joan Cuenco

Hailim Suh, Seung H-Sang, and Kenneth Frampton | © Joan Cuenco

Billie Tsien | © Joan Cuenco

Grant Marani, Massimo Vignelli, Charles Renfro, and Deborah Nevins | © Joan Cuenco

Renzo Piano, Bruce Fowle, Annabelle Selldorf | © Joan Cuenco

Tom Pritzker | © Joan Cuenco

Jane Lacy and Michael Manfredi | © Joan Cuenco

Tom Pritzker | © Joan Cuenco

Renzo Piano | © Joan Cuenco

Lee Bollinger | © Joan Cuenco

Lee Bollinger | © Joan Cuenco

Michael Bierut | © Joan Cuenco

Adam Weinberg | © Joan Cuenco

Adam Weinberg | © Joan Cuenco

Massimo Vignelli | © Joan Cuenco

Annabelle Selldorf stands to present the medal | © Joan Cuenco

Annabelle Selldorf | © Joan Cuenco

Renzo Piano and guests | © Joan Cuenco

Renzo Piano | © Joan Cuenco

Renzo Piano | © Joan Cuenco

Amanda Burden and Renzo Piano | © Joan Cuenco

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