2003 Young Architects Forum:
Inhabiting Identity


The 2003 Young Architects are:

Stella Betts, Leven Betts Studio
Lisa Hsieh
Ben Checkwitch
Mike Latham, Arts Corporation
Stephanie Forsythe & Tod MacAllen, Forsythe + MacAllen Design Associates
Steven Mankouche

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The introduction of new communication devices and faster modes of transportation alters our perception and interaction with space on every scale. Our more flexible and fluid world compels us to inhabit many different identities simultaneously. The rapid dissolution of traditional boundaries of place and definitions of human scale raises many questions about both inhabitation and identity. This process results in a constant battle between the generic and the specific, between the habitual and the indeterminate. Must architecture be corporeal? Has our cultural fixation on technology grown disproportionately to our needs? Has technology overwhelmed our sense of place?

The Architectural League’s Young Architects Forum is an annual competition and series of lectures and exhibitions organized by the Architectural League and its Young Architects Committee. The Forum was established to recognize specific works of high quality and to encourage the exchange of ideas among young people who might otherwise not have a forum.

Participants in the program are chosen through a portfolio competition that is juried by distinguished architects, artists and critics, and the Young Architects Committee. The committee, a group selected each year from past participants in the Young Architects Forum, is responsible for developing the program’s theme and selecting competition jurors. Open to designers ten years or less out of school, the competition draws entrants from around North America. The lecture series and exhibition by winners of the competition provide a lively public forum for the discussion of their work and ideas. Winners’ designs will also be illustrated in a catalogue to be published by Princeton Architectural Press.