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Climate Change

Everything We Can

Low Design Office seeks opportunities to intervene in complex global systems.

Interview May 17, 2021

In the Mahoning Valley, Ohio

Editors Quilian Riano and Kristen Zeiber and report contributors Helen Liggett, Gary Honeywood, and Matt Martin present the report In the Mahoning Valley and discuss key themes and findings.

Video April 23, 2021

Along the Lumbee River, North Carolina

Editors Morgan Augillard, Noran Sanford, and Joey Swerdlin present the report Along the Lumbee River with report contributors Tanner Capps, Deb Gunsallus, Ed Hunt, Ravin Patel, Christie Poteet, and Andie Rea.

Video March 12, 2021

The Land is Our Identity

Jorden Revels shares his story of environmental activism.

Along the Lumbee River, North Carolina

Interview March 2, 2021

Along the Lumbee River: An Introduction

Morgan Augillard and Joey Swerdlin focus on the people and organizations effecting change in communities along North Carolina’s Lumbee River.

Along the Lumbee River, North Carolina

Essay March 2, 2021