League Prize Winner Bio

Kevin Hirth Co.

Kevin Hirth

The League Prize, an annual competition that asks young designers to respond to a given theme, has marked an important milestone in many architects’ careers. Winners showcase their work through a lecture series and exhibition.

Kevin Hirth of KEVIN HIRTH Co. was a winner of the 2017 competition.

Kevin Hirth founded KEVIN HIRTH Co. in 2009. The firm’s work has recently focused on the rural and urban condition of the American West including “single family homes down unnamed roads in the mountain wilds and mixed-use towers pushing up against the edge of the Midwestern plains.”

In 2015 the firm designed House on a Fence, a speculative residence submerged below the sightline of a fence, using the maximum allowable fence height in Denver’s zoning code as a datum for the house’s elevation. In Gunnison, Colorado, KEVIN HIRTH Co. reimagined the traditional campsite with Campground, an unbuilt camping platform suspended in a tree canopy. The firm is currently designing the speculative Monument to Direct Democracy in Colorado. By aggregating a collection of stacked load-bearing blocks to collectively carry weight and support one another, the project attempts to “commemorate a rich history in Colorado of direct democracy, a process by which citizens of the state vote collectively on ballot measures to amend the state constitution.”

Upon graduation from Harvard University Graduate School of Design in 2011, Hirth received both the AIA Henry Adams Medal and the school’s Faculty Design Award. The same year, KEVIN HIRTH Co. won a Best in Show distinction in AIA Dallas’ Ken Roberts Memorial Architectural Delineation Competition, and in 2006, Hirth received the University of Virginia’s Judy Rosson Book Award.

Kevin Hirth received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia, and a Master of Architecture degree from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. He currently teaches at the University of Colorado Denver College of Architecture and Planning, and has previously taught at Northeastern University.