League Prize 2006: Instability


Whether a cyclical recurrence or a phenomenal outburst, INSTABILITY agitates the normative groundings underlying current economic, political, ethical and climatic paradigms. In the midst of shaken institutions, weakened states of normalcy and defunct analytical models, how do young architects define their practice?

Are flexible methods a necessary response to unstable conditions and an essential component of design practice? Have borrowed terminologies, ad hoc technologies and structural improvisations become legitimate tactics evolving askew from prescribed methodologies and familiar forms? Are the project circumstances and methodologies developed in association thus privileged over the aesthetic?

Are other forms, cultures or efficiencies uncovered through a strategic engagement of instability? What might emerge when autonomous disciplines permeate one another opportunistically, to act and react to instability? How do young architects tap in to new temporal alliances, challenge preset programs and reimagine well-established forms to situate their architectural practice within the new tolerances of a context yet to be defined?

2006 Winners:
MAD office: Yansong Ma & Yosuke Hayano
WilliamsonWilliamson: Betsy & Shane Williamson
PLY Architecture: Craig Borum & Karl Daubmann
Julio Salcedo
KBAS: Julie Beckman & Keith Kaseman
The Living: David Benjamin & Soo-in Yang

2006 League Prize Committee:
Douglas Gauthier
Naji Moujaes
Beth Weinstein

2006 Jurors:
Craig Dykers
Monica Ponce de Leon
Sarah Sze
Craig Konyk