League Prize 2002: Material Process


Architects are looking beyond the traditional boundaries of their discipline, appropriating materials, methods, and processes from other industries. This expanded interest is widening the scope of innovation, ranging from the development of alternative fabrication processes afforded by digital technologies to the inventive re-use of traditional materials. How are these cross-cultural and multi-media processes reshaping the way we synthesize technique and practice?

The digital revolution of the past ten years has radically reconfigured the relationship between experimentation and production. Conception is brought closer to construction as the rapid development of computer controlled fabrication technologies enables highly complex structures to be affordably executed. Technological experimentation has provided new languages and sets of processes through which we design. How are we rethinking the methods for conception and communication of ideas? To what extent do these methods inform our design process?

Material innovation is often the product of contemporary issues of efficiency, environmental conscience, mobility, lightness and ephemerality. Everyday materials, reinvented for alternative uses, and new composite materials challenge our assumptions about tectonics and the relationships between material components. This research both blurs the distinction between, as well as emphasizes, the extremes of materiality and immateriality. What possibilities for form and space-making are we imagining now? How are we inventing new processes?

2002 Winners:
IwamotoScott: Lisa Iwamoto & Craig Scott
MESH Architectures: Eric Liftin
L.E.F.T.: Makram el-Kadi, Ziad Jamaleddine & Naji Moujaes
Della Valle + Bernheimer Design: Jared Della Valle & Andrew Bernheimer
J. Meejin Yoon
Degre Zero Architecture: Elena Fernandez, Arnaud Descombes, Antoine Regnault & David Serero

2002 League Prize Committee:
Thaddeus Briner
Mimi Hoang
Chris Perry

2002 Jurors:
Paola Antonelli
Sheila Kennedy
Frank Lupo
Gregg Pasquarelli
Tod Williams