Ultramoderne lecture

What separates architecture from other disciplines, say the founders of Ultramoderne, is that it unites the conceptual, social, and material.

January 3, 2018

Ultramoderne | Chicago Horizon, Chicago, Illinois, 2015. Credit: Naho Kubota

In 2016, Ultramoderne won the League Prize, which celebrates young architects and designers.

Founders Yasmin Vobis and Aaron Forrest presented their work as part of the competition lecture series.

Early in their collaboration, the designers spent a year collecting time-lapse images of Manhattan’s Bryant Park. Watching the site transform repeatedly to accommodate different activities, they reached a conclusion that has shaped their work since. “Architecture only makes sense as a means of bringing disparate things together,” Forrest said in his talk: “drawing and building; sustainability and aesthetics; rule-based geometries and resistant materials; unconventional spaces and even more unconventional inhabitants.”

The video below explores projects including: