Revisiting Just

To mark the publication of Young Architects 21: Just, the 2019 League Prize winners and committee members reunite online to discuss the “just” in design—and how it’s changed in the past three years.

August 22, 2022

Recorded on May 11, 2022.

In late late 2018, the Young Architects + Designers Committee announced a prescient theme for the 2019 League Prize competition: Just. That spring and summer, the six winners presented work that considered the complexities of the “just” in architectural practice.

In this video, the cohort reunites to mark the release of Young Architects 21: Just and discuss what has changed—and what has not—in their approach to just design.

The program features presentations from all six 2019 League Prize winners:

Rachel G. Barnard, founding director of Young New Yorkers
Jennifer Bonner, MALL
Virginia Black, Rosana Elkhatib, Gabrielle Printz, feminist architecture collaborative
Mira Hasson Henry, Current Interests
Gregory Melitonov, Taller KEN
Cyrus Peñarroyo, EXTENTS 

The presentations are followed by a discussion and Q&A moderated by members of the 2019 Young Architects + Designers Committee Isabel Abascal, Bryony Roberts, and Anya Sirota.


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