January 3, 2018

NEMESTUDIO | Matters Around Architecture, Chicago Architectural Biennale, Chicago, Illinois, 2016. Credit: NEMESTUDIO.

In 2016, NEMESTUDIO won the League Prize, which celebrates young architects and designers. Founders Mete Sonmez and Neyran Turan presented their work as part of the associated lecture series.

The San Francisco-based duo has a lonstanding preoccupation with what they call “the slightly unfamiliar.” In her talk, Somnez defined the term as “the subtle aesthetic tension between reality and abstraction” that helps audiences “achieve a much deeper and [more] nuanced engagement with reality.”

This notion manifests itself in two ways in their work, she said: in tweaks to vernacular architectural forms, as well as in the application of architectural methods to issues that the profession doesn’t typically address.

In the video below, Somnez and Turan discuss recent projects including: