The Housing System: A reading list

Resources for understanding the pressing issues at the intersection of design, policy, and politics in housing.


There’s no shortage of thought-provoking research and writing on today’s pressing housing issues. Below is a reading list with some of the most interesting work that influenced us as we planned The Housing System program series.

We also learned a lot from the experts who untangled complicated topics in New York City housing policy and development in our 2017-18 series, Housing Brass Tacks. Digests of those 15 sessions can be found at

Download a PDF of the reading list here.

Maintenance & operations

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Living small

The Macro View on Micro Units. Urban Land Institute, 2014.

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Living together

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Technology & materials

“Multitasking Infrastructures: A Conversation with Sheila Kennedy and Veit Kugel.” Urban Omnibus, 6 March 2013.

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Systems change

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United Nations Human Rights Council, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing. Ongoing project.


Interview: SITU Studio

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