HANNAH: A building tale: The story of two constructions, one old robot, and bountiful emerald bugs.

One of six installations for the digital exhibition by winners of the 2020 League Prize.

A Building Tale: The Story of Two Constructions, One Old Robot, and Bountiful Emerald Bugs is a virtual exhibition that portrays the two-year creation of HANNAH’s Ashen Cabin. Born from an unlikely joint effort between robotic routines and herculean manual labor, the exhibition outlines the cabin’s two main construction processes, which result in the production of a corbelled 3D-printed concrete structure and a naturally undulating ash wood envelope. Through the pairing of visuals and a collection of peculiar stories narrated by the team, collaborators, and the cabin’s visitors, the exhibition reveals highly idiosyncratic modes of making and unfamiliar design explorations. A Building Tale collects anecdotes and imaginative contemplations on the nature of construction, the fluffiness of spray foam, the ominous hum of an old robot, site making, wood bacon, ornamental concrete sausages, forest creatures, and the disastrous reign of the tiny Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).