Alibi Studio lecture

Catie Newell presents a series of recent installations for her 2011 League Prize lecture.

July 5, 2011

Recorded on June 15, 2011.

The League Prize is an annual competition that has been organized by The Architectural League since 1981. Open to designers ten years or less out of school, it draws entrants from around North America.

Catie Newell of Alibi Studio received a 2011 award.

Catie Newell is a founding partner of Detroit-based Alibi Studio. Her work captures spaces and material effects, focusing on the development of new atmospheres through the exploration of textures, volumes, and the effects of light or lack thereof. Newell’s most recent work and research is reflected in the installations completed in 2010, “Weatherizing,” and “Salvaged Landscape.” This work emphasized material and assembly logic research within the potent context of Detroit.

In 2006, Newell was awarded the SOM Prize for Architecture, Design, and Urban Design with her project “Weather Permitting.”


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