American Roundtable Theme


A Search and Rescue operation in Westhaven State Park, Westport, Washington. Credit: Photograph by Eirik Johnson, courtesy of the Dynamic Landscapes editorial team.

To promote comparison and synthesis across reports, American Roundtable is organized around five broad themes: Public Space, Health, Work and Economy, Infrastructure, and Environment. Editors of each report were given wide latitude to interpret each theme. Collected below are features that address topics and issues related to Health.

Health in the Mahoning Valley

Quilian Riano and Kristen Zeiber examine economic development models centered on healthcare institutions.

Mahoning Valley, Ohio

Article April 13, 2021

Activism through Education and Nutrition

Community organizer Marcella Gilbert reflects on her family history of activist education and how the reintroduction of traditional Lakota foods empowers her community to improve physical and spiritual health.

Cheyenne River Reservation, South Dakota

Interview March 16, 2021

Sioux YMCA | Cheyenne River

Andrew Corley describes the Sioux YMCA’s work in the community.

Cheyenne River Reservation, South Dakota

Interview March 16, 2021

Bre’ly’s Journey through Childhood Cancer

Photographer Samantha Herrald’s photo essay brings us into her family's experience navigating the healthcare system to find treatment for her daughter’s rare cancer.

Cheyenne River Reservation, South Dakota

Article March 16, 2021

A New Standard of CARE

Christie Poteet and Deb Gunsallus provide housing, food, and financial security to college students.

Along the Lumbee River, North Carolina

Interview March 2, 2021

Health and Coastal Perils

Gregory Hicks reflects on South Beach’s culture of community-based resilience and talks with Jamie Judkins, a member of the Shoalwater Bay Tribe.

South Beach, Washington

Article February 16, 2021

River Valley Cancer Yearbook

Kerri Arsenault collects the health stories of River Valley residents to make visible the mill’s toxic legacies.

River Valley, Maine

Article January 20, 2021