American Roundtable Theme


To promote comparison and synthesis across reports, American Roundtable is organized around five broad themes: Public Space, Health, Work and Economy, Infrastructure, and Environment. Editors of each report were given wide latitude to interpret each theme. Collected below are features that address topics and issues related to the Environment.

The Land is Our Identity

Jorden Revels shares his story of environmental activism.

Along the Lumbee River, North Carolina

Interview March 2, 2021

“Water is Life (Oliver’s Song)” | Otero County

Lyla June and Oliver Enjady present their song and poem “Water is Life (Oliver’s Song),” a testament to water’s central importance in Mescalero Apache culture.

Lower Rio Grande, New Mexico

Article January 21, 2021

Present Ghosts: River Valley

In this graphic series, artist Nina Elder reinterprets archival photographs of the River Valley to look past its industrial development.

River Valley, Maine

Article January 20, 2021